The innovative trolley with big wheels, ideal in historic centers


The shopping trolley with 3 wheels is ideal for climbing stairs and sidewalks.


The glamour shopping trolley with vinyl bag

With Aurora, shopping will be completely another thing.
Our products are born in this way, to simplify daily activities such as shopping and doing houseworks.

Aurora makes your shopping lighter

It’s 1960. In an Italy in full economic development, we need to give concrete solutions to new needs. The young Mr. Gabriele Napolitano, who arrived in Brianza from the province of Foggia during the years of the industrial boom, has what it is necessary: a critical eye, a practical spirit and many good ideas.


Resistant and light

The structure of the shopping trolleys is 100% aluminum

Made in Italy

High quality products made in Italy

Innovative design

Many models made of different materials, colors and patterns

Discover the new free time trolleys!

Not just shopping: the range of Aurora products is enriched with two new models: Capri and Positano! They are the…