With Aurora, shopping will be completely another thing.

Shopping is fun for some, for others a necessity, but nobody likes to work with heavy and bulky bags. Why keep scrambling when Aurora can relieve you from this problem?

With Aurora shopping carts the effort will be just a bad memory: you can transport purchases by pulling or pushing the cart, climb the stairs, take it easy resting on the seat, without fearing that the frozen foods in the compartment defrost. From the economical 2 wheel cart to the more sophisticated cart with 3, 4 or 6 wheels, from the classic shopping bag to the pocket cart bag, the models are many, each with special accessories and features.

Not just shopping: Aurora trolley is also perfect for leisure time. The different shapes and patterns make it a trendy and youthful object, suitable for any age. With a line specially designed for the beach, there is something for everyone.

Our trolleys are light, resistant and versatile. By lifting the bag, the aluminum frame can be used as a luggage rack. To minimize the clutter, some models are foldable. Most of the bags are machine washable and carry up to 30 kg.

Made in Italy

High quality products made in Italy

Innovative design

Many models made of different materials, colors and patterns

Resistant and light

The structure of the shopping trolleys is 100% aluminum

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